Our Family's Potato Croquettes

Our Family's Potato Croquettes

Crispy coating! Potatoes taste soooo good! Make heaps and eat lots! Our family loves these croquettes (4/9 updated picture).

Ingredients: 21 croquettes

11 (had 1.2 kg this time)
Onions (minced)
2 medium
Minced meat
200 g
Chicken soup stock cubes
Storebought tempura flour
as needed
Fresh panko
as needed
Coarsely ground black pepper
as needed
Oil for deep frying
as needed


1. Rinse the potatoes and steam (unpeeled) for about 30 minutes. *The potatoes are more delicious when left unpeeled: they'll keep their aroma and umami this way.
2. While the potatoes are steaming, stir-fry the meat and minced onions.
3. When the meat is thoroughly cooked and onions translucent, tilt the frying pan and wipe any excess oil.
4. Add pepper and soup stock cubes. Crush cubes as you stir. When mixed well, turn the heat off and wait for the potatoes to finish steaming.
5. When the potatoes are done, peel the top skin only, and add into the mixture prepped in Step 4.
6. Mash the potatoes while it's hot, and combine with meat and onions.
7. Form into flat balls. (I made 7 round-shaped croquettes for bentos in picture above)
8. Use your left hand for water-dissolved tempura flour, and your right hand for fresh panko, and coat in order. Deep-fry in high temperature (at least180℃) until golden brown. Your right hand is also in charge of chopsticks for frying.
9. ※The croquettes will burst if the temperature of the oil is too low. The filling is already cooked, so the oil should be very hot. Just think that you're deep-frying the coating only.
10. Dredge with tempura flour, fresh panko, and deep-fry! Do it all in one go. It tastes better if immediately fried after being coated with panko.

Story Behind this Recipe

These potato croquettes are actually cheap.
Only spent ¥803 (¥198 for danshaku potato + ¥80 for onion + ¥200 for ground beef + ¥40 for tempura flour + ¥276 for 2 bags of fresh breadcrumbs + ¥9 for each soup stock cube) = ¥38 for one croquette (not counting the oil and pepper) to satisfy a growing child.