Easy Tofu Chiffon Cake ♪ Made in a Rice Cooker

Easy Tofu Chiffon Cake ♪ Made in a Rice Cooker

This cake is so easy to make in a rice cooker and you won't have a lot of dishes to wash ♪ This is an easy and healthy chiffon cake ☆

Ingredients: 1 cake

Silken tofu
150 g
Pancake mix
200 g
100 ml
30 g
Vanilla extract (optional)
2-3 drops


1. Put the tofu into the inner pot of the rice cooker. You don't need to drain the tofu.
2. Stir the tofu with a whisk.
3. Add the eggs, milk, and sugar.
4. Mix well.
5. Add the pancake mix and mix well. Finally, add a few drops of vanilla extract (optional).
6. Set the pot in the rice cooker and push start.
7. When a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean, it's done.
8. The cake comes out of the rice cooker pot easily(^^)

Story Behind this Recipe

My wife wanted me to make chiffon cake, so I decided to make it the easy way in a rice cooker ♪