Garlic Oil

Garlic Oil

This oil is convenient to have on hand. You can use it in various dishes.

Ingredients: 1 bottle

3 - 6 cloves
Olive oil or vegetable oil
50 - 100 ml


1. Sterilize a storage jar by boiling. Wash the garlic and thoroughly wipe off the moisture. Remove the center root and mince or slice.
2. Place the garlic in the sterilized jar and pour in the olive oil.
3. It can store in the refrigerator for 1 month, but since the garlic isn't cooked, it's best to use it up as quickly as you can. It can also be frozen.
4. If you want to make a large amount, you can increase the amount of oil to as much as you want.
5. If you soak the garlic in vegetable oil, you can use it in dishes other than Italian. Since it will oxidize quite quickly, try not to make too much.
6. If you want it to be able to keep longer, cook the garlic but be careful not to burn it. Let it cool before adding to the jar.
7. After slicing the raw garlic and putting in the refrigerator, it will turn a bit cloudy and muddled, but it's not a problem of quality. After you take it out of the fridge, it will return to how it was before.
8. If you add red chili peppers, you can make a pasta dish of aglio olio e peperoncino. "Red Chili Garlic Oil" Recipe ID: 1722196

Story Behind this Recipe

I rearranged a recipe that I saw in a magazine about 15 years ago (the recipe used whole garlic cloves).