Rich Scones

Rich Scones

I loaded up the batter with more sugar, butter, and heavy cream. The inside is soft and moist, and the outside is flaky.

Ingredients: approximately 6-7 scones

●Cake flour
130 g
●Bread (strong) flour
70 g
●Baking powder
2 teaspoons
Soft light brown sugar
30 g
Unsalted cultured butter
60 g
60 g
Heavy cream (dairy heavy cream)
40 g


1. Cut the cold butter into small cubes.
2. Sift and combine the ● ingredients into a bowl. Add the sugar and salt and mix a little. Add the butter from Step 1.
3. Use your fingers to mix the butter and flour mixture until smooth.
4. Add the milk and heavy cream. Mix well with a scraper to blend in the liquid with the mixture from Step 3. If it's difficult to mix, you can use your hands to press the dough to mix together.
5. Bring the dough together on a sheet of cling film. Wrap with the cling film and let cool in the fridge for about 1 hour.
6. When the dough has cooled, roll it out with to a thickness of 1 cm.
7. Fold the dough into thirds. Turn it 90° and repeat this folding step two more times. (3 times in total.)
8. Once you have done the folding step 3 times, wrap in the cling film again and transfer to the fridge.
9. Leave the dough in the fridge to rest for 1~2 days. (At least for 1 day.)
10. Roll the dough out to a thickness of 2 cm and use a round mold of about 5 to 6 cm to cut out the shapes.
11. Place on a baking tray and brush milk (not listed) on the surface. Preheat the oven to 200℃, then lower to 190℃ and bake for about 25 minutes.
12. They are done . They are sweet enough and delicious as they are, but if you eat with maple syrup, they are incredibly tasty.
13. These are my usual scones Recipe ID: 1580137.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love scones so much and so I've been experimenting with various recipes. Folding in the dough entails are flaky exterior. Adding bread flour makes the inside soft and moist. With this combination of the flaky exterior and the moistness inside, these scones turned out pretty well.