Marshmallow Dolls for Doll's Festival

Marshmallow Dolls for Doll's Festival

I made dolls for "Hinamatsuri" (Doll's Festival) using marshmallows.

Ingredients: 1-2 servings

Marshmallows (round)
Chocolate pen (white)
Konpeito candies (pink)
about 10
Konpeito candies (green)
about 10
as needed
White chocolate
as needed
Food dye (red)
a small quantity
Food dye (blue)
a small quantity
Dragées (as desired)
as needed


1. Make pedestals by drawing circles with the white chocolate pen, and placing the konpeito candies on each chocolate circle with no space between them.
2. For the prince, make a crown and 'shaku' (ritual baton) using the peanut and melted chocolate.
3. For the princess, make a crown and fan using the chocolate pen and dragées.
4. Stab a marshmallow with a bamboo skewer, so it will be easier to work with later. (Stand it up in a cup to dry).
5. Melt the white chocolate and add a small quantity of red food dye to make pink chocolate. Use it to draw the kimono and cheeks of the princess on the marshmallow.
6. Once the kimono chocolate is cooled and dry, make reddish-pink chocolate. Use a toothpick to draw patterns on the kimono with the reddish-pink chocolate.
7. Attach the fan and crown with melted chocolate. Draw the princess's face.
8. Paint the prince's kimono with blue chocolate and draw the face with melted chocolate in the same way.
9. Place the prince and princess on each pedestal of konpeito candies. Make an origami 'byobu' (folding screen) out of gold paper. They are done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make spring-like dolls for the Doll's Festival.