Standard Chinese Zhajiangmian

Standard Chinese Zhajiangmian

My family loves this Chinese-style Zhajiangmian (ground pork over wheat noodles.) If you have some meat miso in stock, it's convenient to use in various dishes.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Meat miso
100 g (Recipe ID: 1715002)
Bean sprouts
1/2 bag
Soft boiled egg
Homemade ra-yu
(Recipe ID: 1164925)
as needed
Fresh ramen noodles
1 packet
50 ml
Katakuriko slurry
as needed


1. Parboil the bean sprouts in salted water, drain, and let cool. Mix with the ra-yu. Soft boil the egg.
2. Add 50 ml water and the katakuriko slurry to the meat miso to thicken. Boil the noodles, coat in the sesame oil, and transfer to a dish.
3. Top the noodles with the soft-boiled egg cut in half, the lettuce, bean sprouts, and meat miso.
4. Homemade Tianmianjiang (Chinese sweet flour paste) (Recipe ID: 1714981)
5. Meat Miso (Recipe ID: 1715002)
6. Simple Ra-yu (Recipe ID: 1164925)

Story Behind this Recipe

My kids love this and I've been making it for a long time.