Easy Microwave Koya Dofu ♪ Tastes Just Like Silken Tofu

Easy Microwave Koya Dofu ♪ Tastes Just Like Silken Tofu

Including the time it takes to reconstitute the freeze-dried tofu, the total cooking time is 5-6 minutes. In summer, you could also chill it and serve with mentsuyu.

Ingredients: 1 tofu worth

Freeze dried tofu
a pinch


1. Add around 3 cm of warm water (a little warmer than bath water) to a deep container.
2. Place the tofu in the container for 2 - 3 minutes until it's reconstituted. Then cut it into 16-20 cubes (leave the water in the container)
3. Dissolve a pinch of sugar in the container of water. Add the tofu pieces from Step 2 and add water to cover.
4. Lightly cover with a lid and microwave at 600 W for 2 minutes 40 seconds - 3 minutes. When it comes to a boil, it's done.
5. Place the tofu in a bowl and top with sauce,
6. or add to miso soup (drop gently when the soup is ready to eat) and enjoy.
7. You could also chill the tofu after Step 4 and then top it with mentsuyu and serve ♪
8. If you add it to something salty, the liquid in the tofu will gradually seep out and will harden, so make sure you add it just before eating.

Story Behind this Recipe

I went against the warning written in the directions which says that "boiling tofu in unsalted broth can cause it to crumble, and I ended up with fluffy tofu.