Rich Chocolate Ganache

Rich Chocolate Ganache

If you make a lot of this chocolate sauce, you can easily use it for a variety of sweets or use as icing.


Bar chocolate (dark) or sweet baking chocolate
100 g
Heavy cream (35% milk fat)
100-130 ml


1. Chop up the chocolate with a knife and put into a bowl.
2. Put the heavy cream into a pot and turn the heat to medium. Turn off the heat just before it boils. Pour into the bowl from Step 1 while mixing quickly to melt the chocolate.
3. You can make chocolate cake by whipping it up and spreading it over sponge cake. If you let it harden, mix it with heavy cream and roll into balls to make truffles.
4. If making just chocolate sauce, use 100 g of chocolate, 65 ml of milk, and 65 ml of heavy cream.
5. If making a cake, try to get heavy cream with as high of a milk fat content as you can. If making just the sauce, you can use a low-fat content.
6. If you let it rest for some time, it will harden, so you can melt it in a double boiler or in the microwave before using.
7. Ganache Chocolate Cake Recipe ID: 722029. This is an 18 cm diameter cake that uses 250 g of heavy cream and 250 g of chocolate.
8. It's great for crepes, ice cream, and parfaits. You can also use glaçcage or chocolate sauce. Recipe ID: 722031.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a chocolate sauce that I've made often for a long time.
The picture shows this used as icing on a banana chocolate mousse cake.