Soft Shiratama (Sticky Rice Ball) with Brown Sugar Syrup

Soft Shiratama (Sticky Rice Ball) with Brown Sugar Syrup

Sometimes I long for Japanese traditional sweets.

Ingredients: Makes 6 shiratama

Glutinous rice flour (Mochiko)
30 g
20 ml
Dark brown sugar
As needed
As needed


1. It's a bit hard to see, but this is glutinous rice flour. Add water in small batches and knead until it's soft like earlobes.
2. If you use rice flour by mistake, the result would be too hard to eat. You could however, add to the mochiko for slight firmness.
3. Boil the shiratama rice balls. When they float to the surface, it's cooked. Rinse in water and chill.
4. Add water to dark brown sugar and heat. When it becomes creamy, the kuromitsu brown sugar syrup is done. I usually make large batches and preserve in small bottles.
5. Pour kuromitsu over the shiratama and enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

The Asian grocery nearby closed down *sobs* so I made traditional Japanese sweets out of things I could buy at the local supermarket (like Coles).