Charaben Super Mario Bros Box

Charaben Super Mario Bros Box

It's the question mark box from Super Mario Bros! You can make this by using some tamagoyaki!


Egg yolk
(You can use 2 eggs if you like )
Sliced cheese
1 slice is enough
a little


1. Make the tamagoyaki, then cut out squares.
2. Cut out the "?" from the cheese. It's hard to tell from the picture... but it's kind of a boxy font, right? Use a toothpick to cut it out.
3. Poke four holes into the corners of the tamagoyaki with a toothpick. If you can, put a bit of sauce into the holes with a toothpick to make the holes pop.
4. And you're already done! You can use it in a charaben! This is a Bullet Charaben Recipe ID: 1709456 Please give it a try as well!
5. Many people have said that the "?" is a bit hard to cut out. It's pretty hard because it's so thin, but try using well-chilled cheese and slowly cutting it out.
6. I also uploaded a simple Mario recipe: Recipe ID: 1809825.

Story Behind this Recipe

My son is in love with Super Mario 3D, so I wanted to make a simple and cute charaben for his bento!