Bento with Bullet Bill from Super Mario

Bento with Bullet Bill from Super Mario

This is Bullet Bill from the Super Mario series. You can make this easily if you have sliced cheese and nori seaweed. Both the person making it and the person eating it will be happy.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Plain cooked rice
as needed
Nori seaweed
as needed
Sliced cheese
1 slice is enough


1. Take the hot plain cooked rice and form it into an oval shape to make the form of Bullet Bill. Cover the rice in nori and wrap in plastic wrap and leave it for a while so that the nori sticks to the rice.
2. It's a little difficult to understand from the photo, but about 1 cm in from the bottom end, (the right side) make an indent vertically with a toothpick to make the rim of the bullet.
3. (Eyes) Cut the sliced cheese into an oval. Cut some nori into a small half circle for the pupil. Cut an even smaller oval from the sliced cheese to make the whites of the eyes.
4. (Hands) Cut sliced cheese into the shape of hands. I simplified the detailed parts. Cut some nori into small curved lines to make the fingers.
5. Adjust the form to balance with the other food... done!
6. I added these "? Blocks" made from tamagoyaki, or Japanese-style omelets (Recipe ID: 1709493).
7. Please try making Toad too! (Recipe ID: 1706173)
8. There is also an easy and simple Mario (Recipe ID: 1809825).

Story Behind this Recipe

My second eldest son is really into Super Mario 3D Land. I wondered if there was a character from Super Mario that I could make easily... So I made Bullet Bill.