Finger Puppet Like Anpanman Character Bento

Finger Puppet Like Anpanman Character Bento

Tiny finger puppet like Anpanman!
Place him neatly on top of noriben or soboro bento.

Ingredients: Anpanman

Hot cooked rice
a rounded spoon
●Ketchup or mentsuyu etc.
a little
Small red wiener sausage
Nori seaweed
as needed
as needed


1. Mix a little amount of the ingredients marked ● and cooked rice, and wrap with plastic film. Shape a small round rice ball.
2. *For Anpanman's body * Cut the red wiener sausage in half lengthwise, and cut it in half. Trim off the edge of the sausage. (Trimmed part will be used for Anpanman's face.)
3. [Parts] Eyebrows and eyes: Nori seaweed, Nose: Red wiener sausage, Mouth: Nori seaweed, * Star on his chest: Cheese
4. *The utensils I used*
5. Place the rice ball and wiener sausage for body in a lunchbox. Attach the parts. It's done.
6. This is the Baikinman version.
7. Hello Kitty
8. This one is a little bear.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made this because my friend gave us the Anpanman finger puppet.