Cabbage with Ginger Olive Oil

Cabbage with Ginger Olive Oil

This is a healthy cabbage salad with the fragrance of ginger in olive oil. Your body will warm up and your metabolism may increase!
This is nice to have when you're on a diet.


Cabbage (ripped up with your hands)
100 g
Ginger (finely chopped)
2 pieces (50 g)
Olive oil
2 tablespoons
2 pinches


1. Put the olive oil, chopped ginger and salt in a small pan over medium heat.
2. When it starts to become fragrant, turn the heat down to low and cool slowly and patiently until the ginger turns a golden brown.
3. Rip up the cabbage into bite-size pieces. Wrap loosely with plastic wrap and microwave for 1 minute. You just need to heat it up. Pour the ginger oil over the cabbage while it's still warm.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought of this when I was making some onion-flavored oil.