Valentine's Day Blooming Sakura Decoration Chocolate

This is a decoration chocolate perfect for Valentine's Day. It's also good to give as gifts during the school entrance exam season if draw on a motif of a blooming sakura.


Heart-shaped chocolate
3 mm golden dragées
5 g
3 mm pink dragées
5 g
3 mm green dragées
5 g
3 mm silver dragées
5 g
White chocolate decoration pen


1. This time, I used a Fujiya chocolate heart, but I used the side without anything printed on it.
2. Start off with some of the chocolate decoration pen. First, arrange the dragées for the sakura, starting from the center.
3. Let the center dragées harden into place, then draw the flower's petals. Once you're done with the flower, draw the leaves and stem.
4. Next, create the border with silver dragées.
5. Fill in the remaining space with the golden dragées to finish.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a decorated chocolate for Valentine's Day. During the season of entrance exams, I like making it with a blooming sakura motif for good luck.