Chocolate Angel Cake

Chocolate Angel Cake

This is a delicious cake that's very cute. It's also great to gift on Valentine's Day.

Ingredients: 1 angel cake pan or 1 heart-shaped pan

Recipe ID: 1003208
Just replace 10 g of the flour from (Cute ♡ Angel Food Cake) with cocoa powder


1. Please refer to Recipe ID: 1003208 "Cute Angel Food Cake" for the cake.
2. It's also cute baked in a heart-shaped pan.
3. For the custard cream, halve the recipe of Recipe ID: 914153.
4. For the white chocolate cream, refer to Recipe ID: 1003208 "Cute Angel Cake."
5. It's done!
6. This is the heart-shaped version.
7. It will look like this when cut.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a cocoa version of my very special recipe "Cute Angel Food Cake."