Chikuwa with Wasabi and Cream Cheese

Chikuwa with Wasabi and Cream Cheese

This is a great combination: chikuwa, wasabi, and cream cheese! If you are quick in the kitchen, it takes only about 5 minutes! Ideal for an appetizer or in a lunch box.


Cream cheese (cubed sold in foil wrappers)
2 cubes
to your liking (I used about 7 cm)


1. Boil water in a small sauce pan. (If the chikuwa is fresh, you can skip this step.) Meanwhile, slice the chikuwa into half lengthwise. (Oops, the slices in this picture are not so good...)
2. Blanch the chikuwa for about 20 seconds. The taste will disappear if you boil for too long.
3. Mix two blocks of cream cheese and wasabi well. If you don’t mix it evenly, you won't know which parts of the dish are hot or not!
4. The stuffing in this picture is also not the best, but don’t worry! Just eat as soon as possible and nobody will realize!

Story Behind this Recipe

I was looking for a potential lunch box dish in the fridge and found chikuwa. I tried this with wasabi and it turned into quite an adult taste!