Juicy Nakatsu-style Fried Chicken

Juicy Nakatsu-style Fried Chicken

By adding water to the marinade the chicken will turn out incredibly juicy and soft.


Approximately 500g
Vegetable oil
For frying
To coat the chicken
Cake flour
as needed
●Soy sauce
3 tablespoons
● Water
1 cup - 200ml
1 tablespoon
1 teaspoon
1 teaspoon
Garlic (grated)
To taste


1. Cut the chicken into small pieces. Combine the chicken and the ● ingredients in a plastic bag. Rub well and leave to marinate overnight. It is tastier if you add some grated garlic!
2. Put the chicken in a separate bag and coat with katakuriko. The remaining flavoring ingredients can be used in simmered dishes or soups!
3. Deep-fry the prepared chicken in 180°C oil. If possible fry at 180°C for 90 seconds, take the chicken out and leave to rest for 4 minutes. Return to the oil and fry again for 2 minutes until golden brown.
4. Transfer the fried chicken to a serving dish and serve. It is still delicious when cool. If you have leftovers freeze them!

Story Behind this Recipe

My hometown of Usa is next to Nakatsu, in Oita prefecture. Usa is known as "the place where fried chicken originated".
My father loves fried chicken and I originally learnt this fried chicken recipe from him.