Kabocha Bread in a Bread Maker

Kabocha Bread in a Bread Maker

Most of the work is done in the bread machine. Just add your leftover kabocha squash into the dough and then bake.

Ingredients: 1 loaf

Bread (strong) flour
280 g
Butter (or margarine)
17 g
20 g
Skim milk
8 g
4 g
Dry yeast
(3 g
Kabocha squash
80 g net weight
180 ml


1. Peel the kabocha skins and cut into about 3 cm cubes. Wrap in plastic wrap, microwave for 2 minutes, and let cool.
2. Place all of the ingredients into the bread pan, and just bake (add the yeast to the designated yeast compartment).
3. The colour of the bread will naturally be a little dark from the kabocha.
4. The color inside is a vibrant yellow-orange.
5. You can make 2 loaves in mini loaf pans with the amounts listed.
6. This recipe is enough for 2 loves, giving 6 slices in total.

Story Behind this Recipe

I am experimenting with bread recipes that can be made entirely in a bread maker!!