How to Melt Thickened Honey in a Microwave

How to Melt Thickened Honey in a Microwave

Hey everyone, why not try using this method to melt your thickened honey in the microwave?

Ingredients: 1 bottle

Thickened honey
1 bottle


1. Remove the lid or cap of the bottle.
2. Put the bottle of thickened honey into the microwave.
3. Use the automatic mode, or heat a little at a time, while keeping an eye on it.
4. Depending on the amount, heat at 500 W for 1-2 minutes.
5. You can also do this with honeycomb-containing honey. (The honeycomb will melt a little.)
6. I did this without covering with plastic wrap, but when it gets really hot, it may start bubbling and spatter, so if you're concerned, go ahead and cover it.
7. You can use this method with plastic or glass honey containers.
8. This is probably good with hardened honey as well. Give it a try, while keeping your eye on it.

Story Behind this Recipe

This way, you can enjoy nice, silky honey until the last drop ☆