Chili-Mayo Shrimp Pouches made with Leftover Gyoza Wrappers

Chili-Mayo Shrimp Pouches made with Leftover Gyoza Wrappers

This is a healthy dish that isn't fried and doesn't use oil. The flavors are simple but so addictive. They're really cute in bentos too! You won't be able to stop eating these!


Shrimp or sweet shrimp
About 150g
Finely chopped onion
■ Ketchup
2 tablespoons
■ Japanese Worcestershire-style sauce
1 tablespoon
■ Sugar
2 teaspoons
■ Garlic and ginger from a tube
2 cm of each
1 tablespoon
Gyoza dumpling wrappers
As desired


1. I used sweet shrimp this time, but you can also use normal shrimp. When using larger shrimp, cut them into smaller pieces.
2. Place the shrimp and onions into a bowl, and combine them with the ingredients marked with a ■. Transfer the mixture to a preheated pan.
3. After the shrimp have cooked through, put the ingredients back into the bowl. After the mixture has cooled, mix in the mayonnaise.
4. Fill the gyoza wrappers with an appropriate amount of the mixture. Instead of using water to seal the edges of each wrapper, you can use the sauce to save time.
5. Bake until golden brown a toaster oven and serve. Cook them at about 900 W for 8-10 minutes.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to use up lots of sweet shrimp, so I thought this recipe.