Quick and Cute Boiled Egg for Bento

Quick and Cute Boiled Egg for Bento

Use any cookie cutter you like.
It's a perfect bento lunch box filler for a family outing.

Even on mornings when you've overslept, you can make this really quickly instead of making an omelet.


Boiled egg
a little
to taste
Cookie cutter of your choice


1. Cool the hard boiled egg completely and peel.
2. The egg stabilize better if you thinly slice the bottom part.
3. Cut out the egg white using a cookie cutter. (Don't cut through to the egg yolk!!)
4. If the egg yolk crumbles, you can fix it by pressing it back with the thick end of a chopstick.
5. Place it in a bento lunch box, and decorate as you like to finish (I used ketchup and edamame this time).
6. The egg isn't seasoned, so sprinkle with salt or anything you would like. (Or you can use a marinated egg instead.)
7. I cut out 5 small oval shapes using a small cutter to make a different type of flower.

Story Behind this Recipe

I came up with this recipe to make something nice with boiled eggs when I didn't have enough time to make an omelet for a bento lunch box.