Easy Teriyaki Squid

Easy Teriyaki Squid

Serve this snacking appetizer with your drinks

Ingredients: 1 plateful

Surume squid (fresh)
10-15 g
Easy Teriyaki Sauce
Recipe ID: 655656


1. Clean the squid and cut it up in any size or shape you like. I cut it open this time.
2. Put the teriyaki sauce in a bowl and add the cut up squid. Leave to marinate for about 30 minutes.
3. Heat butter in a frying pan and quickly stir fry the marinated squid. Add the marinade, and when it comes to a boil take the squid out and put it on a serving plate.
4. Reduce the sauce until it's glossy. Pour over the squid and serve!

Story Behind this Recipe

My husband like squid, so I served it with a teriyaki glaze.