Spinach and Salmon Cream Pasta

Spinach and Salmon Cream Pasta

You can use any ingredients you like! Give this tasty cream pasta a try.

Ingredients: 2 servings

180 g
Salmon fillets (Skin and bones removed and cut into bite sizes)
Spinach (Boiled and cut into 5 cm pieces)
1/2 bunch
Heavy cream
1 cup (200ml)
1 clove
Olive oil
as needed
Grated cheese
2 tablespoons
Salt and pepper
as needed
Coarsely ground black pepper
as needed
Cooking wine
2 tablespoons


1. Put the salmon pieces in a frying pan coated with olive oil, and fry over low heat until browned.
2. When browned, add the wine and cook the salmon thoroughly while letting the alcohol evaporate.
3. Remove from the heat when the salmon is fully cooked.
4. Add the heavy cream, grated cheese, spinach, garlic, and salt and pepper.
5. Drain the boiled pasta, add it to the pan from Step 4 while still hot, and cook over medium heat until the cream thickens. All done.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a standard pasta dish. While it's important to eat fish for your health, sometimes you just don't feel like it. This is a great dish for such times, that both adults and kids are sure to like.