Hot Marshmallow Milk

Hot Marshmallow Milk

You can get a good night's rest by warming your cockles with this drink on a cold night. I can't get enough of this mild sweet taste! The collagen will also make you beautiful.

Ingredients: 1 serving

as much as you like
as many as you like
Toppings of your choice (cinnamon powder, etc.)
as much as you like


1. Pour the milk into a mug and top with a few marshmallows. I like to use lots of marshmallows.
2. Microwave step 1 like regular hot milk. At my house, I microwave it for 1 minute 40 seconds at 900 W. The marshmallow should be melting at this point.
3. Lastly, sprinkle with some cinnamon or whatever to your liking. Drink whilst stirring with a spoon.

Story Behind this Recipe

I got the idea from this recipe for "Hot Marshmallow Cocoa" (Recipe ID: 1569177).