Herbed Rusks Made from Bread Crusts!

Herbed Rusks Made from Bread Crusts!

You can make these tasty rusks with bread crusts or stale bread . Enjoy with wine!


Dried bread crusts
as needed
(Or hardened bread)
as needed
Butter (room temperature)
as needed
Your favorite herbs
Cinnamon, paprika, sesame, garlic powder, shichimi spice, powdered cheese, black pepper, curry powder, nutmeg, herbed salt, etc..
as needed


1. Butter the bread crusts. It gives the crusts flavour and helps the dry herbs stick.
2. Sprinkle your favorite herbs on the crusts and bake in the oven toaster for 3-4 minutes until crispy. Don't overcook them because they won't be as tasty.
3. It's fun to have a variety of flavours. Try with sesame seeds, coarsely ground garlic or cumin seeds. They are also great sprinkled with grains such as millet or amaranth.

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