Yuzu Tea Steamed Bread with Pancake Mix

Yuzu Tea Steamed Bread with Pancake Mix

You can make this steamed bread in a frying pan instead of in a steamer. It's a recipe for yuzu tea steamed bread with pancake mix.

Ingredients: Makes 6-10 buns

Pancake mix
1 bag (200 g)
Vegetable oil
1 tablespoon
100 ml (refer to Step 10)
Yuzu tea
30-90 g


1. Mix the egg, vegetable oil, milk, and sugar together well.
2. Add pancake mix into Step 1. Mix with a rubber spatula and don't knead the dough.
3. Add the yuzu tea, and continue to mix with a rubber spatula.
4. It's fine to use store-bought yuzu tea, but for a homemade version, I recommend Recipe ID: 1323982.
5. Pour the batter into cups and line in a flat and large frying pan.
6. Pour in approximately 1 cm of hot water and cover the pan. Steam for 12-14 minutes.
7. Once they become full and fluffy, they're done.
8. Note: You can use aluminum liners, silicone cups, and ramekin for the mold.
9. Note: Please use a steamer if you own one.
10. Note: If your pancake mix is 150 g per bag, then use 75 ml of milk instead.
11. For plain steamed bread and other variations, see Recipe ID: 1304846.

Story Behind this Recipe

This yuzu tea Recipe ID: 1323982 was so delicious, so I wanted to use it to make steamed bread.