Shio-Koji & Amazake Toma-tofu

Shio-Koji & Amazake Toma-tofu

This dish is addictive for tomato lovers. Made simply with soy milk and tomato juice, this gentle looking tofu-like dish has a beautiful pink colouring.


Soy milk
200 ml
Tomato juice (unsalted)
100 ml
Amazake Shio-Koji (Recipe ID: 1684858)
1 tablespoon
Agar (or 8 agar pearls)
2 and 1/2 teaspoons (10 g)
Olive oil
as needed
Gourmet salt
as needed


1. [Amazake Shio-Koji] is made by adding 1 part shio-koji to 2 parts amazake. If you don't have any amazake, substitute it with 1 teaspoon shio-koji to 1-1.5 teaspoons mirin.
2. Combine the agar and the Amazake Shio-Koji in a small pan and mix together well. Agar tends to form lumps, so make sure to thoroughly stir.
3. Add the tomato juice to the mixture, bring the mixture to a boil over medium heat to dissolve the agar; (the temperature should be brought to at least 90℃, otherwise the agar won't set later). Reduce the heat to low and add the soy milk.
4. After adding the soy milk, heat the mixture (don't allow it to boil) until it reaches 70-80℃ while continuously stirring. Whilst the mixture is still warm, divide it into individual serving dishes.
5. The tofu will set at room temperature, so don't leave it in the pan! If it's winter, the tofu will start to set very quickly.
6. Once cooled, chill in the refrigerator. Add a dash of olive oil or a pinch of salt before serving.
7. [Agar] Agar is made from red algae. It has properties that lie somewhere between gelatin, which is an animal-based product, and kanten agar, which is made from other species of red algae. Agar will result in a smooth, vegetable-based jelly.
8. Normally when using agar, you should add 100 ml water per 4 g teaspoon. If you don't have agar, you can use gelatin and use 5 g per 100 ml instead.

Story Behind this Recipe

I used some versatile seasonings to create a smooth and full-flavoured jelly dessert with agar rather than gelatin. I love tomato jelly and didn't really fancy a sweet dessert so somehow landed at tofu!