Swaddled Baby Bread

Swaddled Baby Bread

These are like peacefully sleeping babies wrapped in swaddling. They make great gifts!

Ingredients: 1

Any bread dough of your choice that has gone through its first rising
About 65g
Example bread dough recipe:
see Recipe ID: 1863323
Filling (for the body, something that won't spill out)
As needed
Filling (for the face, if you are adding one)
As needed
Seaweed or chocolate pen for the face and hair
As needed


1. Roll up 15g of dough that has gone through the first fermentation (for the face), roll up the remaining amounts respectively (for the swaddling), and bench it.
2. Stretch out the dough for the swaddling into about a 10cm square. Pace the dough at an angle, and place the filling towards the bottom.
3. Fold the lower portion of the dough upwards, then fold the corners and press down on the overlap with a finger. I used 20g of adzuki-an paste for the filling in the photo.
4. Pace the re-rolled face portion so that it is covered a bit by the swaddling. Place the filling into the face and then roll it up if you like.
5. Line them up onto a cookie sheet and let rise a second time using your oven's proofing function. Start warming up the oven when it finishes.
6. Stick on the nori seaweed etc. while the oven is preheating, or use Taro's wife's "No need for a chocolate pen Decoration pen" (Recipe ID: 1585101) to draw it.
7. Combine the bread dough and bake in the oven.
8. These are cute if you turn the babies into animals as well. The one on the right is a sleeping dog. I used adzuki-an filling for the body and filling that won't leak out from the heat such as mini wieners etc.

Story Behind this Recipe

A baby wrapped in swaddling is really cute, so I tried making these breads