All-Purpose Seasoning with Shio-Koji & Amazake Sweet Shio-Koji

All-Purpose Seasoning with Shio-Koji & Amazake Sweet Shio-Koji

This gentle sweet seasoning is a doubly fermented product made of a blend of amazake fermented with a sugar-free rice-malt and shio-koji.
Simply keeping a stock of a blend of the two will provide you with a handy seasoning.


Shio-koji (Recipe ID: 1532996)
100 g
Amazake (Recipe ID: 1584029)
200 g
( Refer to note below if using store-bought amazake)


1. Combine the shio-koji and amazake at a ratio of 1 part shio-koji to 2 parts amazake, mix together and store in the refrigerator.
2. If using store-bought "concentrated" amazake that is supposed to be diluted with twice the amount of water before consuming, use it without diluting..
3. To make tamagoyaki without dashi: Combine 3 eggs with 1.5 tablespoons shio-koji, then fry tamagoyaki as usual. It will make a moist texture similar to a dashi-maki omelette.
4. Also try this recipe: Shio-koji & Amazake Toma-tofu (Recipe ID: 1685985).
5. or, try Shio-koji & Amazake Dressing] on a Daikon Radish and Persimmon Salad (Recipe ID: 1602140). Although this recipe has the ingredients separately listed, it is the same amount as using 3 tablespoons of sweet shio-koji.
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7. or, try Blanched Nanohana with a Vinegar Sauce Aroma of Spring using Sweet Shio-Koji (Recipe ID: 1690890).

Story Behind this Recipe

Since a lot of recipes using shio-koji call for mixing it with honey or amazake, I figured I'd cut some corners by keeping a stock of a blend.