Rolled Sushi with Squid, Ume Plum and Shiso Leaves

Rolled Sushi with Squid, Ume Plum and Shiso Leaves

Light taste and delicious It is a middle size rolled sushi so it is easy to eat for children and for woman and it is good for Seasonal occasion of Setubun Bean Throwing Ceremony.

Ingredients: 3 stalks worth (if using the white part, 2 stalks worth)

Nori seaweed
3 slices
○cooked white rice
1 rice cooker cup worth (about 230 g)
○sushi vineger
2 tablespoons
squid sashimi ( squid somen )
100 g
Japanese apricot paste
About 1 tablespoon
Shiso leaves
6 slices


1. Mix all ○ ingredients and make a sushi vinegar. Cut 1/4 of the dried seaweed sheet off. ( This is to make to roll a middle size roll)
2. I used the squid somen which you can buy in the supermarket. Cut the squid into a size like in the picture if you are using a different shape squid.
3. Spreed some rice thinly on the dried seaweed sheet and spreed some Japanese apricot paste on the rice and then place the shiso leaf and squid on it and roll it. Cut the roll in 8 pieces.

Story Behind this Recipe

A kind of rolled sushi you can find in a local supermarket.
I love this combination.
Easy to make at home.