Introduction to Hard Bread - Small French Rolls

Introduction to Hard Bread - Small French Rolls

The kneading and first proofing is done in the Home Bakery machine They are so easy to shape because they are small The crust is crunchy while the crumb is soft and fluffy. Delicious French rolls just like the ones you get at the bakery!!

Ingredients: 8 small rolls

●French bread / baguette flour
180 g
●Whole wheat flour
20 g
●Roasted salt
3 g
●Instant dry yeast
2 g
120 g
1 teaspoon
Bench flour
as needed


1. Add the water, French bread flour, whole wheat flour, roasted salt, and instant dry yeast. Set the "kneading" stage on your Home Bakery machine for 6 minutes. Add honey after 30 seconds of kneading. Then program your machine to "proof" for 40 minutes.
2. Dust your work surface with bench flour and de-gas the dough. Weigh the dough, divide into eight pieces, roll them into rounds, and rest (bench time) for 15 minutes covered with a damp towel.
3. Lightly de-gas and roll into rounds. Line the dough balls on parchment paper, cover with a plastic wrap and proof again for 30-35 minutes.
4. Preheat the oven to 240℃ with the baking tray inside as well. Put oil into a dropper for use on step 5.
5. When the oven is preheated, score the dough (or make incisions with scissors), and drop 3~4 drops of oil into the slices (optional).
6. Take the tray out of the oven, place on the baking sheet with your dough balls, and mist the entire pan with water using a spray bottle (about 5 sprays).
7. Put the dough in the oven, spray the oven with water (5~6 sprays), and bake at 230℃ for 8 minutes and 30 seconds. Lower the oven to 200℃ and bake for another 5 minutes (total baking time is 13 minutes and 30 seconds).
8. Cool the bread on a rack and store.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make easy and small French rolls.