Laughing Sausage Aliens From Outer Space

Laughing Sausage Aliens From Outer Space

Slice a wiener sausage in half diagonally, make cuts for the hands and legs and pan fry. The facial features are made with a knife too.


Wiener sausages
The number of aliens you want to make divided by 2


1. Cut each wiener sausage in half.
2. Place on a cutting board with the cut side facing down. Make a cut in the middle of the bottom part.
3. Make 2 more cuts to either side of the first cut, that are a little bit longer.
4. Make a small cut from the bottom with the tip of your knife to form the mouth.
5. Make diagonal cuts for the eyes.
6. Heat some oil in a frying pan and pan fry the sausage pieces by rolling them around.
7. When the hands and legs open up, and their faces are smiling, they're done. One of them is having a really good laugh.
8. Poke a decorative bento pick in the top of each sausages to make them even more like aliens.
9. I tried making an alien with a big sausage.
10. With a UFO made out of a miniature burger and a cherry tomato.
11. In the previous photo I stood the aliens on top of a slice of sweet potato, using a pick.
12. Here's a souvenir photo taken with a Mickey Mouse face bell pepper.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made my own version of cute sausage aliens referring to the many examples out there.