Crispy Pickled Lotus Root

Crispy Pickled Lotus Root

Place on top of chirashi sushi, or eat as-is. Pickled lotus root with a great texture.


Lotus root
about 100 g
4 tablespoons
Rice vinegar
3 tablespoons
1 tablespoon
a small amount


1. Peel the lotus root skins.
2. If you have a slicer you can use it to cut the root slices into a uniform thickness.
3. Cut into 1 mm thick slices. Even if the slices are thick, they'll be adjusted through the steaming process.
4. Place your lotus root slices into vinegar water (water + a little bit of vinegar in a bowl).
5. Add all the flavoring ingredients except for the lotus root together to create a combined vinegar.
6. In a pot, boil just enough water to cover the lotus root, then add the slices. After adding, remove quickly and drain. Boil for about 3 seconds.
7. After draining quickly, add to the bowl with the combined vinegar. Adding while still hot lets the flavor soak in.
8. Be sure that all slices are covered in the mixture. Allow to soak in the refrigerator for half a day for the flavor to soak in and be the most delicious.

Story Behind this Recipe

My mother often made this.