Versatile Basic Homemade Sweet Miso (Dengaku Miso)

Versatile Basic Homemade Sweet Miso (Dengaku Miso)

This basic dengaku miso sauce is what you need when the weather turns cool. Just add various ingredients to the base to adapt it for many uses. It's really versatile!


Daikon radish, konnyaku, large eggplants, etc.
To taste
For the sweet miso sauce:
150 g
80 g
50 ml
30 ml


1. Combine the miso sauce ingredients into a pan and mix well together. Cook over medium heat while stirring to boil off the liquid. It will spit, so be careful.
2. When the sauce starts to thicken, keep simmering and stirring over low heat until glossy, taking care not to let it burn. Stop cooking when the sauce is still rather loose. Turn off the heat and it's done.
3. Spoon a little sweet miso sauce on top of piping hot daikon radish simmered until tender, with a yuzu peel on top. I've cut the daikon radish so it's easy to eat.

Story Behind this Recipe

We always have a batch of basic sweet miso sauce on hand. You can add yuzu or shiso to it, mix sesame oil, use it in stir fries, and so on - it's very handy.