Chinese Cabbage Hamburger Steaks in Thick Japanese Ume Plum Sauce

Chinese Cabbage Hamburger Steaks in Thick Japanese Ume Plum Sauce

You taste the texture of the Chinese cabbage in these hamburger steaks. The Japanese-style ume plum sauce is refreshing.

Ingredients: 5 people

☆ Ground beef and pork mix
☆ Egg
☆ Milk
4 tablespoons
☆ Panko
As needed
☆ Salt and pepper
A pinch of each
☆ Soy sauce
1 teaspoon
☆ Nutmeg
A small amount
Chinese cabbage
1/8 stalk
As needed
Shredded white leek for garnishing
As needed
White sauce (concentrated type)
2 tablespoons
★ Water
Umeboshi (large)
★ Sugar, soy sauce
1 thick tablespoon of each
★ Mirin
1 tablespoon
Katakuriko slurry
As needed


1. Roughly chop the Chinese cabbage, rub 1 teaspoon of salt (not listed), and let sit for about 10 minutes.
2. Bring ★ ingredients and a minced umeboshi to a boil, adding the water-dissolved katakuriko after bring it to a boil and mixing rapidly. The sauce is finished once the katakuriko has cooked through.
3. Mix the ingredients from Step 1 and ☆ in a bowl.
4. Heat a little oil in a pan, divide the meat mixture into 5 portions, mold into patties, and cook over medium heat.
5. Flip over once they have reached a nice golden brown color, add a splash of sake, cover with a lid, and continue cooking over medium low heat.
6. Once the patties plump up, stick a toothpick through and transfer to a plate if the juices run clear.
7. Spoon over the plum sauce and top with shredded white leeks.

Story Behind this Recipe

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