Ginger In Honey For Ginger Tea

Ginger In Honey For Ginger Tea

Why not try this in Grapefruit Ginger Ale - Recipe ID: 1887152? It can be used for cooking as well as in drinks. The brown sugar version is Recipe ID: 1710264


as needed (enough to fill up a jar)
enough to cover the ginger
A jar sterilized with boiling water.


1. Wash the ginger and dry it well. This prevents any extra moisture from getting in. If you leave the ginger out on a sieve, it will dry in less than half a day.
2. Peel and slice the ginger. If the skin doesn't bother you, or you are using organic ginger, you don't have to peel it. I always do.
3. Put the sliced ginger in a jar, and start adding the honey. To begin with, the honey it very sticky and the ginger won't sink to the bottom of the jar.
4. But in just a little while (about a minute?) lots of juice will be exuded by the ginger, which mixes with the honey, and then it will drop down to the bottom.
5. If you leave the jar for 2 to 3 hours, a lot of ginger juice will come put (and pool in the top). The layer in the bottom will have more honey in it.
6. As time passes, the honey layer on the bottom will decrease. The main photo shows how the jar looks after 2 days. The honey on the bottom is about 5mm thick.
7. Use this up quickly when the weather is hot.
8. Add as much honey-ginger as you like in black tea to make ginger tea. The honey tends to sink to the bottom, so stir it up well before using.
9. You can add it to plain hot water, soy milk, or cocoa, too.To increase your metabolism I recommend adding it to hot beverages, but in the summertime you can add it to cold water or soda water.
10. It's not limited to beverages either. It's delicious spread on bread or poured over yogurt or fruit too.
11. I also like to add it to simmered sweet potatoes or kabocha squash. It's not too strong and is very mild. Or try mixing it with soy sauce and using it on grilled or panfried meat.
12. You can use the honey even if it hardens. If you layer the hardened honey and the ginger slices, the honey will melt naturally in the ginger juices.
13. If you don't mind the hot taste of ginger, the ginger slices are delicious after a week or so too.
14. Black tea with ginger helps to combat flu and cold viruses.
15. You may be concerned about this spoiling in the hot summer months. After a lot of juice has come out of the ginger, you can store the jar in the refrigerator. If you're still concerned about it spoiling, bring it to a boil, remove the ginger, and then store.
16. The ginger juices are exuded quite quickly when the weather is hot, so you could just make a small amount at a time.
17. See the brown sugar syrup version, "Brown Sugar and Ginger Syrup" - Recipe ID: 1710264.
18. Recipe ID: 1887152 is "Grapefruit Ginger Ale For Healthy Summer Skin." This ginger-honey is delicious in any season. It also helps to lighten your complexion and warms up your body.
19. And here's another healthy drink, Recipe ID: 1300257 "Straight From the Vegetable Garden Yogurt Style Soy Milk with Vegetables". Please take a look!

Story Behind this Recipe

I've been making this for some time, but after seeing toshiebaba's COOKPAD diary entry (Japanese) about using black tea + ginger to combat viruses, I decided to post this recipe. It's really easy, and you can use it in the wintertime to rev up your metabolism.