Easy Dieter's Snack with Soy Milk & Tofu

Easy Dieter's Snack with Soy Milk & Tofu

You just need to mix the ingredients together in a cup and microwave. This is a healthy, melt in your mouth, chewy snack that you can make in no time It is also filling.


Soy milk (or milk)
100 g
Tofu (crushed)
30 g
10 g
Sweetened cocoa powder
5 g
to taste


1. In a relatively mug or cup, add all the ingredients while measuring the amount on a scale and mix well. The photo shown here is after I added the katakuriko.
2. Microwave it at 600 W for 1 minute. Take it out and stir the mixture well.
3. Microwave it for another 30 seconds at 600 W. Stir it well again, and you're done.
4. If you are not using any tofu, microwave the mixture at 600 W for 30 seconds, and stir. Then microwave it again for another 30 seconds.
5. If the mixture is not thick enough, microwave it a little more while checking the texture.
6. You can make this snack without adding tofu, but it fills you and keep you full for a little longer if you put it in.
7. I used this rich and delicious milk cocoa powder for the sweetened cocoa powder.
8. Because of the cocoa powder, the smell of the tofu is not that noticeable.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I get a little hungry while I am on a diet, I make this snack to fulfill the urge to eat something Just a small amount of this snack will fill your stomach and make you satisfied.