Shio-Koji! (Salt-fermented Rice Malt)

Shio-Koji! (Salt-fermented Rice Malt)

Malted rice (koji) with coarse salt is a multi-purpose flavoring ingredient that is becoming indispensable. It's easy to make.


Dehydrated koji sheets (1 bag with koji spores)
200 g
Coarse salt
60 g (30%)
enough to cover


1. Crumble the dehydrated koji sheets into a plastic container with a lid. Mix in the coarse salt. Add enough water to cover the koji, and mix well.
2. The dehydrated koji absorbs a lot of water, so check on it after a few hours. If it has swelled and absorbed all the moisture, add a little more water.
3. Cover with the container lid, and leave out at room temperature for 5 to 7 days. Mix it up well with a spoon at least once a day.
4. When the koji grains have broken down, become creamy, and smells like fermented koji with a nice light brown color, it means the shio-koji has matured. Transfer the container to the refrigerator.
5. I made chicken ham with shio-koji. It comes out tender and moist. You can use this for all kinds of dishes.

Story Behind this Recipe

Shio-koji is an all-purpose flavoring ingredient with a mild saltiness and the umami of malted rice that makes any ingredient delicious. We don't buy it - we always make it at home.