The Best Side Dish! Hawaiian Ahi Poke

The Best Side Dish! Hawaiian Ahi Poke

This is a standard local dish in Hawaii.
It's fantastic in a rice bowl or served alongside a few beers!
Which means I always end up drinking a few glasses too many when I have some ahi poke around.


Tuna chunks
400 g
1/2 medium
Green onions
to taste
Ogo seaweed
20 g
Sesame oil
1 to 2 tablespoons
Soy sauce
1 tablespoon
1/2 teaspoon


1. Here are the tuna chunks.
2. Thinly slice the onion and soak in water.
3. Finely chop the green onions.
4. Boil some water in a pan and quickly soak the ogo seaweed.
5. This photo is a bit blurry but if you soak the ogo seaweed it will turn green again.
6. Add the tuna chunks to a bowl, along with the onion, ogo seaweed, green onion and seasonings. Mix well.
7. Transfer to a plate and serve.

Story Behind this Recipe

At the end of last year I bought some tuna chunks for cheap from a discount store.
Luckily for me it contained some chunks of good medium-fat chutoro tuna lol.
So I used this tuna to make my kid's favorite ahi poke.