'Kinton' Sweet Potatoes and Chestnut Paste

'Kinton' Sweet Potatoes and Chestnut Paste

Kinton are composed of a paste with mashed sweet potatoes with sweet chestnuts. Hidden in the center is a whole chestnut.

Ingredients: about 15

Sweet Potato
Candied chestnuts in syrup
1 bottle
3 tablespoons
Syrup from the candied chestnuts
+1 tablespoon
a small amount


1. Peel the skin from the sweet potato and cut into bite-sized pieces. Soak in water.
2. Boil the sweet potatoes in just enough water to cover. When they become soft, drain the water and mash well.
3. While they are still hot, stir in the sugar and syrup from the candied chestnuts. Mix until smooth. Take a small portion and mix in the matcha (dissolved in a little water).
4. Lay portions of sweet potato on plastic wrap, pat the centers dry with a paper towel and place a chestnut in the center.
5. Wrap the chestnut in the sweet potato dough. Place a small portion of the sweet potato mixed with matcha on top and use the wrap to squeeze into shapes.

Story Behind this Recipe

An aesthetically pleasing wagashi (Japanese traditional confectionery).