For My Family's Homemade New Year's Feast! Creamy Kinton (Sweet Potatoes with Chestnuts)

For My Family's Homemade New Year's Feast! Creamy Kinton (Sweet Potatoes with Chestnuts)

This simple and delicious dish uses only a few ingredients ! Please enjoy candied chestnuts in these creamy sweet potatoes.

Ingredients: 8 servings

Japanese sweet potatoes ( if possible "Kintoki" variety potatoes with red skins)
2 large potatoes (800g)
Gardenia Seeds (optional)
Chestnuts with Syrup
1 pack (200g)
Boiled water from the sweet potatoes
1 ladleful
a pinch


1. Here are the ingredients. For the candied chestnuts, pour the syrup into a cup and set aside.
2. Cut the sweet potatoes into 3cm slices and peel thickly. They're hard, so be careful while taking the skin off.
3. The peel tastes good if you julienne and cook them with sugar and soy sauce, so save them. Here is a recipe for sweet potatoes cooked in sugar and soy sauce. Recipe ID: 1660625.
4. Once peeled, cut into 1 - 2cm pieces and soak in water.
5. When the bitter taste comes off and the water becomes cloudy, change the water. Repeat this 3 times.
6. Cut the gardenia seeds into half and place in a dashi stock pack.
7. Put the washed potatoes from Step 4 and the gardenia seeds into a large pot. Fill with enough water to just cover the potatoes and turn the heat on high.
8. Once it boils, turn the heat to medium and boil until a toothpick pokes through easily.
9. Remove the gardenia seeds and drain the water in a colander placed over a bowl. Don't throw away the water used for boiling.
10. Strain the potatoes while they are still hot. Or you could put them in a blender until smooth.
11. Return them to the pot and add one ladle of the water used for boiling. Turn on the heat.
12. Gradually add the syrup from the candied chestnuts that you separated in Step 1. Mix it in until the whole thing becomes plump.
13. When the liquid evaporates, add a pinch of salt and the candied chestnuts. Slowly stir it in and once the chestnuts are warmed, it's complete!
14. If you place it in an airtight container you can store it in the freezer.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made several attempts and finally made my favorite sweet potatoes with candied chestnuts.