Easy Carved Carrots

Easy Carved Carrots

Decorative carrots are actually a cinch to make!
Add these to your New Year's dishes for color and charm.


Kintoki (red) carrots
as needed


1. Chop the kintoki carrot into 7 to 8 mm slices.
2. Use a flower-shaped cutter to cut out the carrots.
3. Make a shallow cut from the center to the edge of the petal shapes. The cut in the center should be shallow, and should increase in depth toward the edges.
4. The knife should look like this from the side. Don't cut through the carrot!
5. Make 4 more cuts around the floret.
6. With a knife, diagonally carve toward the cut lines of the petals, then they're done!

Story Behind this Recipe

These decorative carrots are easy to make!