Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House

I wanted to construct a gingerbread house at least once! It's too much work to make from scratch. This recipe is great for people like me.


IKEA gingerbread house kit
Icing ingredients:
Powdered sugar
200 g
Egg white
30 g
Decorations (your favourites):
Santa Clause-shaped marzipan
Dragées, M&M, Koala's March, Pocky...
to your liking


1. First, make the icing. Mix the powdered sugar and egg white with a hand mixer. When it becomes thick and sticky, transfer to an icing bag.
2. Glue the cookies with the icing from Step 1. It's better to start with the walls instead of the roof!
3. When the house is built, decorate with leftover icing.
4. When you are satisfied with the decoration, your original gingerbread house is done!!!

Story Behind this Recipe

It's troublesome to make your own cookies, so I found a way to make a gingerbread house--easy but cute!!