How to Freeze & Store Shiso Leaves

How to Freeze & Store Shiso Leaves

This is a way to store the shiso leaves since you don't really use very many at a time.


Shiso leaves
as many as you want


1. Rinse the shiso leaves and pat dry with a paper towel. Cut the leafstalk (the part that connects the leaf and the stem) off.
2. Shred the shiso leaves and place them on the bottom half of a piece of paper towel.
3. Fold over the top half of the paper towel to wrap the shiso leaves.
4. Fold the paper towel with the shiso inside a few times, put it in a freezer bag and freeze it.
5. The frozen shiso leaves are hard and crunchy. They'll soften once they're thawed.

Story Behind this Recipe

Since I only use a few at a time, I thought about how to store leftover shiso leaves.