Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Pears

Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Pears

The sweet taste and flavor of pear is intensified
by dijon mustard and the salty flavor of ham and cheese.

Ingredients: Serves 1

Bread of your choice
2 slices
Thinly-sliced ham
1 to 2
Swiss cheese (sliced or shredded)
1 to 2
Dijon mustard
As needed


1. Heat the frying pan over low heat. Spread mustard onto two pieces of bread. Chop the pear into half lengthwise and remove the core. Slice into 7 to 8 mm- slices.
2. Layer the pear, ham, and cheese and sandwich.
3. Place the sandwich into the heated frying pan and press lightly with your hands for 10 seconds.
4. Turn the heat up to medium heat and grill until golden brown. Flip it over and repeat.

Story Behind this Recipe

I saw an English bread sandwich at a deli and wanted to make it at home.