Mr. Snowman Bento

Mr. Snowman Bento

I made this cute Christmassy snowman as simply and with as few ingredients as possible.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Hot cooked white rice
as much as you like
Imitation crabsticks
1 stick
Nori seaweed
as needed
a tiny amount


1. Make 2 round onigiri rice balls and flatten out the top and bottom. These rice balls aren't filled with anything as I didn't have time, but even salted onigiri are delicious.
2. Punch the eyes, mouth, and buttons out of a sheet of nori seaweed and stick them onto the snowman ☆ If the rice is still warm the nori may wrinkle, so stick them on once the rice has cooled. If the rice is still hot, then leave this step until last.
3. Carefully peel off the top red layer of the imitation crabstick and wrap it around the snowman's neck. If you are worried about it coming off...
4. ...stick a tiny bit of nori seaweed to the end of the crabstick, and onto this, dab on a tiny bit of ketchup with a toothpick to stick it in place.
5. To make the part of the scarf that sticks out, simply cut a piece of the red layer of the crabstick and stick it on. I cut the end of the scarf like a ribbon end.
6. Dab some ketchup onto the cheeks with a toothpick and you're done.
7. For Christmas, I gave the snowman a Santa hat and surrounded him in decorative curry.

Story Behind this Recipe

It's getting colder and I really wanted to create a simple (simple being the main word here) and cute snowman that reflected the season. Somehow this became the top searched recipe in the "snowman" category on my birthday.