Christmas Character Bento with Santa Claus and a Reindeer

Christmas Character Bento with Santa Claus and a Reindeer

It's Santa Clause with his reindeer. Make both or just one.

Ingredients: 1 bento box

Hot cooked white rice
use as much as you like
Bonito flakes & soy sauce (or furikake)
as needed
Nori seaweed
to taste
Imitation crab sticks
2-3 sticks
Sliced cheddar cheese (can be substituted with egg crepe)
a small amount
Mini wiener sausages (cocktail size)
1 piece
Boiled carrot
1 slice


1. To make Santa, put your favorite ingredient in the rice and squeeze it into a sandbag shape using plastic wrap. Make one of the ends pointy.
2. To make a reindeer, mix the rice with soy sauce and bonito flakes, and squeeze it into a sandbag shape.
3. Peel off the red surface of the imitation crab carefully. Leave a little bit of white part on one of the edges.
4. Wrap the imitation crab from Step 3 around Santa’s body and his head. Wrap a thin strip of imitation crab on the middle of the reindeer’s body. Wrap both of them with plastic wrap and let it settled.
5. Boil the mini wiener sausages and cut up to make Santa’s nose, ears and the antlers of the reindeer. Refer to the picture.
6. Cut the antler part from Step 5 into half. Cut off pieces to make it look like the reindeer's antlers.
7. Pack a bento box with rice balls from Step 4 and secure the parts from Step 5 and 6 with a piece of a spaghetti noodle. (The noodle soften and be edible.)
8. Cut out the sliced cheese and make Santa’s beard. (If you do not own a cookie cutter, use a toothpick to cut the cheese)
9. Place the beard from Step 8 under Santa’s nose. Cut out the sliced cheddar cheese with a round cookie cutter and place it onto reindeer’s leash.
10. Cut the nori seaweed with a round craft cutter to make eyes and place them on the faces. Cut out the carrot with a small round cookie cutter to make cheeks. Secure them with spaghetti noodles onto the reindeer’s face and it is done assembling. (The top picture does not have the cheeks.)
11. Wreath salad (Recipe ID: 1647015)

Story Behind this Recipe

I like experimenting with easy and cute character bento recipes.