For Character Bento: Locks of Hair for a Wiener Sausage

For Character Bento:  Locks of Hair for a Wiener Sausage

Give a wiener sausage locks of hair, and more love to your bentos.


Wiener sausages
A few ( Use pasta you don't need to boil so long. The one in the picture is salaspa )
Black sesame seeds, olive oil, toothpick


1. Break the pasta into a little longer size that you want.
2. Stick the pasta in one side of the sausages and boil it. Put some olive oil to the pasta so it doesn't stick.
3. My daughter was not sure what it original intention was to make a sea flower but...
4. Make a face on it when it has cooled down to finish.I cut some parts to make a mouth and made a hole with a toothpick to stick the black sesame for the eyes.
5. Stick your favorite decorative pick in the head and put in the bento...Is it cute? or creepy?
6. You can wrap the pasta around the sausages and make it like a dumpling, or stick the pasta around the mouth and make a beard...or make braids if you like so it will look...cute?
7. Attention: Try not to pull the pasta too much. If you do and it breaks into small pieces, the sausage character will look like a very weird sea creature.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was trying to make a sea flower, then it became like this.