Crispy & Creamy Double Cheese Chikuwa

Crispy & Creamy Double Cheese Chikuwa

These double cheese chikuwa have a crispy, grilled cheese outside with a melty, cheese centre. You can serve these as a side dish or snack.


Sliced cheese
3 slices


1. Take one slice of cheese and cut it in half. Fold the halves into long, thin sticks and stuff into the middle of the chikuwa. (You can fill 2 chikuwa with 1 slice of cheese.)
2. Heat up a frying pan, or tamagoyaki pan, and place a whole slice of cheese in the middle. Then put one cheese-filled chikuwa on top.
3. Cook the cheese until it's bubbling and starting to brown and crisp. When crispy, the cheese will come away easily from the bottom of the pan. Roll the chikuwa in the cheese as if you were making tamagoyaki.
4. They should look like this when rolled. Cook the second double cheese chikuwa in the same way.
5. Here's a cross-section. The cheese in the middle is so melty.
6. I recommend serving these double cheese chikuwa as a snack or side dish.

Story Behind this Recipe

These double cheese chikuwa make fantastic snacks and side dishes. I thought they'd be even more delicious than regular cheese chikuwa if I added a crispy layer of cheese on the outside too. .