Storing Whole Lemons

Storing Whole Lemons

I wanted to keep the domestic lemons that I ordered as fresh as possible for a long time.


as needed
Plastic wrap
as needed


1. Don't wash the lemons that you bought. Wrap each lemon one by one in plastic wrap while still fresh.
2. Place into the vegetable section of the refrigerator. Organic and domestic lemons will keep fresh for 10 months when stored this way.
3. Caution: If the lemons have any defects on the skin, it will affect the freshness and they will only keep for 3-4 months.
4. If you have organic or low-pesticide domestic lemons, they are so convenient to use to make lemon cake, cheesecake, salad, with meat, etc.

Story Behind this Recipe

I order fresh domestic lemons every year, keep them for a long time, and use them judiciously.